Monday, November 2, 2009


I have been off and on trying to learn Tai Chi over the past couple years. But time and space restrictions usually got in the way.

One thing I did make a semi-regular practice of though was the stretching exercises at the beginning of my Tai Chi DVD. I could notice a pretty good difference in my day after doing the stretches in the morning.

So recently I've been reading about yoga, and I found a really great series of TV episodes on iTunes. Each episode is a 10 minute yoga sequence. There's one for AM one for PM, one focussing on abs and a couple other general ones.

I did the PM sequence Friday night and it was amazing. I did it again Saturday and Sunday, and I am completely hooked.

Sunday night I came home feeling really really crappy. My nephew greeted me on our latest visit by slugging me in the face and wrenching my neck out. Then Saturday I started feeling as though I was coming down with the crud. And Sunday I had a full eight hour shift to work at WalMart and I just felt like junk.

Then I came home and did a very simple 10 minute exercise and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. It really is incredible.

And one of the greatest things about it is that there is no equipment necessary. And it does not take a lot of space. The living room of our camper has just enough space for me to perform the poses.

I love it.


PS- Here are the videos I purchased: Anytime Yoga on iTunes from ExerciseTV.

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