Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where in the world is ... us?

My Beloved's Sister surprised us with an early Christmas gift today. A TomTom One GPS for our car.

They were on sale at WalMart yesterday for $59, and she bought one for themselves, their parents and one for us.

Much as I talk bad about technology, I can't resist a cool gadget!

We were planning on going to Cabela's today to purchase new shoes for Noel. For the past two years she's ordered a particular shoe from them over the net, but we thought we'd save the shipping and pick them up ourselves while we were here this year.

And since we've never been to the Cabela's, I knew it was the perfect trial for the TomTom. So I punched in the store's address, suction-cupped the unit to the windshield and off we went.

I like it. I think it's very neat. I think that they should come as a standard accessory on motor vehicles. I've never had problems reading a map. But on the highway going 70 miles per hour surrounded by other motorists who may or may not know where they are going, it was very nice having TomTom reading out directions for me. The only problem now is remembering to keep your eyes on the road instead of the TomTom.

One of the features I liked very much was a readout on the display showing me what the posted speed limit was. It didn't work on all the roads I drove today, but I can see it being very handy.

Also, when we got done at Cabela's, we both needed to find something to drink and we had no idea where the nearest gas station was. Again, no problem. Punch "navigate to," then "points near you," then hit "gas station" and viola up pops a list of the nearest stations you select one and hit the road.

I am especially looking forward to using it in the coming months when I drive an activity bus to games and such. I just have to punch in my destination then I don't have to worry about making a wrong turn in the bus. And it displays the ETA so when the students ask "when are we going to get there?" I can have a fairly concrete answer for them.

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