Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Normally, when I try an exercise routine (yes, I am writing more about yoga), I'll keep at it a while then I'll lose interest or something will interfere and I'll quit. And it is harder than heck to get started again.

But with yoga it seems to be the other way around. Last night I came home exhausted, and I told myself I did not want to do my little 10 minute set before bed.

But I did anyway. I couldn't help myself. One half of it was knowing how good the exercises make me feel. Another half of it was knowing how crappy I feel in the morning the few times I haven't done them. And yet another half of it was knowing how much better I'd sleep having done them.

I feel that I am compelled to practice. My body has found something that it likes, that it needs. And it makes it known when I think about forgoing a session.

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