Monday, February 15, 2010


Since August of last year I've been working two jobs. Which means that I've pretty much had no time off in the past six months.

And now that I've quit Wally World, I'm finding the adjustment to having time off harder than I figured.

Suddenly I have nothing to do in the weekends. And it's kind of maddening.

Sure when the weather warms up I'll be able to start working on the house, and doing stuff around the yard (digging a garden). But with this crazy winter we've been having, I'm stuck pretty much sitting in the camper.

It sucks.

We went to the Grands' house in Fort Scott Saturday, spent some time with them, did a load of laundry, watched some Olympics. Then we headed out to Joplin for a Valentine's date. Went to some of our bookstores, went to the mall. That was about it.

Can't wait to get home in order so that there's things to do and I don't get to feeling so restless (i.e.- internet, TV, garden).

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