Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The big city

My Beloved and I are in the big city of Kansas City visiting her sister and family.

For the largest part of my life, I have had no desire to live in the big city. I didn't mind visiting occasionally, but I did not want to live in one.

But this visit is different. I feel an almost overpowering urge to move here.

I love the quiet of the country life. Yet, I also miss a lot of things. I miss Whole Foods. I miss Barnes and Nobel and Borders and Books-A-Million and all the small used book shops. I miss the arts and music. I long to really have places to cycle to. And public transportation to take if we get too tired along the way.

The only problem is that -- generally speaking -- living in the big city takes big money. And one of the main pursuits of my life has been learning how to live on next to nothing. So while one really big part of me would really like to move to the city, I have absolutely no idea how we could possibly afford to do so.

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